Since 1942
Traditional and Modern Fashion in an Avant-Garde Jeweller's

In our business in Gijón (Asturias - Spain), we offer our clients jewels and watches of unquestionable quality and design from the most prestigious international firms, capable of satisfying the most varied and demanding tastes.

We also create our own jewellery, in line with the most up-to-date, avant-garde trends.

We are also the exclusive representatives of the prestigious diamond company Isee2, and in our jewellery shop we have equipment provided by this company with which we can visually show you the qualities of the diamonds, the so-called 4 Cs, as well as their certificates of origin and the guarantee that they are from countries which are free of conflicts.

Since 1942

Yes, 1942, more than half a century since José Canteli Odria began to practice his profession as a watchmaker in Feleches, Siero, Asturias (Spain).

And it was his nephew, José Rodriguez Canteli; who set up the business in Gijón, in 1969..

Today, a new generation is continuing and rejuvenating the family business, with new ideas, new criteria and a renewed thirst for modernity which motivates their creative capacity.

A thirst which is complemented with the incorporation of leading, avant-garde jewellery and watchmaking companies.

Faithful to a tradition. Excited by new projects.

AENOR Commercial Quality
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